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SteaMECH Model Traction Engine

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SteaMECH Traction Engine Specification

The SteaMECH traction engine is a working live steam model as well as a beautiful display piece. The engine is of fine quality construction, with all major components precision machined from bronze castings, and a copper boiler featuring a fully operational brass pressure guage - the smallest available at 1/2" diameter. All brass components are of solid material - not just brass plated, and the assembly of the steam engine uses all hex head BA steel bolts.

Each steaming session has a duration of about 15 minutes, which consists of 5 minutes to raise steam (from cold) and then 10 minutes of engine running time. During this time the traction engine can be run as a stationary engine or in driving operation, by adjustment of the engine drive clutch. As a stationary engine the model can be used to run Meccano or similar models, or just to admire the elegant movement of the workings.

All steam engines are supplied complete with dedicated packaging, solid fuel tablets, and a comprehensive operating manual.

Engine Physical Dimensions

Length 230mm
Width 128mm
Height 180mm
Weight 3.5kg (dry)

Steam Engine Working Mechanism

Single cylinder double acting slide valve steam engine.
Slip ecentric steam valve actuation.


Esbit solid fuel fired.
Removable fuel tray for reloading fuel.
Combustion chamber and fuel tray Nickel plated steel.

Steam Boiler

Pot type copper boiler with 20psi working pressure.
Safety pressure reflief valve concealed in base of smoke stack.
Silver soldered copper construction with cast gunmetal backhead.
Fully operational 1/2" diameter 0-80psi pressure gauge.
Adjustable steam cock for setting engine running speed.

Drive Train

Adjustable friction clutch for running as stationary engine or driving rear axle.
Gear drive between crankshaft and second shaft.
Flexible steel belt drive between second shaft and rear wheel.
Adjustable steering beam angle for driving on any fixed radius.

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