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SteaMECH Live Steam Traction Engine Model

A stunning display piece that is also a fully working live steam engine. Available as a complete ready to run engine finished to the highest standard, or drawings, castings, and components available for construction by model engineers.

model traction engine right
model tractin engine left rear
model traction engine right rear
model traction engine front

SteaMECH Traction Engine - Price List

Finished Engine - A complete painted, assembled, ready to steam traction engine as shown above (and in packaging below). Every engine is an individually numbered collectors piece which has been constructed to the highest standard. Supplied complete with dedicated packaging, solid fuel tablets, and a comprehensive operating manual.
Click here to download a printable traction engine specification sheet

Ready to steam traction engine not available
plus freight
(please contact us for a quote)

Please enquire regarding availability (may not be available at all times) click here to send email

Drawings - Fully detailed and comprehensive professional engineering quality construction drawings. Construction of engine will require the use of a small lathe, drill press, hand tools, materials etc, and is quite suitable for newcomers to model engineering and experienced engineers alike.

Set of 25 A3 size sheets US$48
plus US$9 air freight 7-10 days worldwide

Model steam engine drawings now also available via email delivery for very low cost and fast delivery anywhere in the world! Simply make payment by credit card or paypal using the 'buy now' button, and we will email drawings immmediately. The drawings are in PDF format which can be viewed and printed from nearly any computer.

Note: file size is 4.0Mb - download speed will be dependent on your internet connection speed. Typically will be between a few seconds and a few minutes.

Electronic drawings - 25 sheets in PDF format US$8

Castings - bronze sand castings produced using a filtered gate system to ensure the parts are sound and defect free. A pleasure to machine even on light lathes such as a Myford ML7. Set includes two rear wheels, two front wheels, flywheel, boiler front, and boiler backhead.

Set of 7 bronze unmachined castings US$85
plus US$25 air freight 7-10 days worldwide
not available

Sheet Metal - laser cut and precision folded. With perseverance these can be made in the model engineers workshop, but are offered here to those that would prefer to leave sheet metal work to those with specialist equipment. Three part are included, the tender, the firebox, and the fuel tray. The firebox and fuel tray come bright Nickel plated, and the tender is bare steel ready requiring only tapping of 8BA holes and painting.

Set of 3 precision sheet metal components US$67
plus US$15 air freight 7-10 days worldwide
not available

Boiler Tube - stock tube material for boiler construction. 1 1/2" NB copper tube for pot boiler, and 2" brass tube for outer boiler shell. These tubes are sometimes difficult to purchase in the small quantities required, so are conveniently offered here. Note that this is tube only, and will require cutting, drilling etc.

Set of 1 copper and 1 brass boiler tube US$21
plus US$9 air freight 7-10 days worldwide
not available

Pressure Gauge - at 0-80 psi this reads a little high for the traction engine, but this can be forgiven as it looks absolutely stunning. At 1/2" diameter this brass gauge really is a miniature marvel and is the jewel in the traction engine crown!

Brass pressure gauge US$64
plus US$7 air freight 7-10 days worldwide
not available

Bolts, Screws, Washers, Springs, E-clips, Orings - all of the small components which can be difficult to track down and purchase in small quantities. Includes:

25 off 8BA x 1/4" hex head steel screws
4 off 8BA x 1/2" hex head steel screws
6 off 8BA x 1/4" cheese head brass screws
25 off 8BA steel flat washers
6 off 8BA brass flat washers
2 off 3/16" fibre washers
5 off orings (size & material to suit as per drawings)
3 off 3/16" e-clips
2 off 3/8" e-clips
1 off stainless steel drive spring
1 off stainless steel spring for safety valve and fuel tray mount

Set of fasteners etc as above US$28
plus US$7 air freight 7-10 days worldwide
not available

Are you interested in purchasing more than one item from this list? Send us an email with your shopping list and we will put together a special price depending on how many items you require, and also provide a combined postage and packing price.

Please let us know if there are any other items you would like to see avaiable - we will do our best to help you out.

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