Factors to Consider in Selecting Exterior Paint Colors

One of the easiest ways to enhance and improve your home exterior is to coat it with new paint colors. Even if you can freely select any colors for your comparatively private interior, everybody can see what’s going on in the outside part of your property. For that, you need to consider a public component as you select your exterior paint colors to apply. Listed below are some of the trusted tips that most architects and designers do to determine the best exterior color scheme. 

Test colors on your house 

The sample colors that you can see in paint stores will be more intense and darker once it’s exposed to full sunlight. Because of that, make sure to test the colors you want to paint on your home first before fully coating your exterior with it. What you can do is to create large boards with the paint colors that you’re interested in using so that you can place them near your exterior. Or you can directly apply some of the paint onto a few areas of your home. After that, make sure to observe the colors at various times of the day under various lighting conditions to guarantee that you can comfortably live with those colors for a long time.  

Make use of contrasts 

Tone variations can highlight your home’s architectural details. Hence, you need both light and dark colors for visual interest. When having a dark-colored main body of your home, then you need to go for lighter trims, shutters, and window frames to give contrast.  

Play with accents 

Most of the time, houses have a lot of smaller details, such as fascia, porch columns, or shutters, where you can play with the color schemes. For instance, try to choose a neutral color for the body of your house, and apply one bold color that can accentuate your front door. Moreover, keep in mind that you have flowers, flowerpots, mailboxes, and home address plates that you can utilize as opportunities for hints of bright color.  

Follow the sun 

Take note of the areas of your house that acquires the most sunlight because full sunlight intensifies colors. When the front part of your home gets exposed to full sunlight for the second half of the day, think about using more subtle colors to prevent it from being garish. On the other hand, if your house is usually in a soft shade because of trees, you can consider choosing paints with more saturated colors to achieve an aesthetic effect.  

Observe your neighborhood 

Make sure to figure out and observe the color schemes of the houses within your neighborhood and take note of which one do you like. When you have the same style, you may consider including some variation on the color scheme you prefer that will be appropriate for the neighborhood and look nice at the same time. 

Just like the interior design of your home, the exterior design also needs to be considered. Fortunately, you can make informed choices when you work with a residential painter that can let you know information like the estimated cost to paint house exterior and which paint color would be perfect for your exterior.  

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